Recursive Traces Selected Works

Recursive Traces

Collaborating with artist Simone Jones, who made the sound component, Recursive Traces is an installation where backlit snowmobile drawings and sound have been inserted into an abandoned concrete silo that once contained theme park displays of ice and foam icebergs. Our intent was to create a dizzying environment of sound, light, sculpture, and image that focused on the absurd reconstructions of an environment in peril.

Recursive Traces was presented as part of In/Future at Ontario Place, curated by ArtSpin. The environment is the abandoned “Ice Silo” that had been part of ‘The Wonderful World of Weather’ when Ontario Place was open. The styrofoam icebergs were recovered from the garbage and reinstalled as were the glacier photos.

This 11-day exhibition has transformed the desolate remains of Ontario Place into a remarkable new platform displaying the projects and performances of over 100 Artist & Musicians.