Crossing Selected Works


When people get lost, in the desert or thick forest, for example, they tend to walk in circles. Lacking objective points of reference, they curve around in loops, all the while believing they are walking in a straight line. I have used this idea of going in circles as an analogy for our current situation, especially in dealing with climate change. ‘Fake news’ and convenient forgetting feed a collective inability to see what is happening right in front of us, and so lost… we go in circles.

Playing this out visually through large scale drawings done on a frozen lake, I have used a snowmobile to depict images of an endless circling. The drawings are photographed from above using a camera equipped drone. The choice of a snowmobile as the fumy, intrusive, and ludicrous drawing implement intentionally questions how we inscribe ourselves on a place and with what means. One day while I was photographing, a group of deer crossed straight through the drawing, undeterred by the chaotic lines there. The deer’s direct, unswerving path stands in sharp contrast to the drawing, reversing the rational/ predictable with the irrational/ wild nature of who laid which tracks.

Crossing, 2019


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